Canvas & Stone is a company specialising in personalised tours of London and its surrounds.


'Ophelia' by Millais, at Tate Britain.

Elgin Marbles.

Portrait of Kate Middleton.

Guided Tours of St Paul's Cathederal.

The Wilton Diptych.

Venus and Mars by Sandro Botticelli.

William Shakespeare.

The Snail by Henri Matisse.


Queen Elizabeth I.

Sir John Soane's Museum.

We offer an insight into the art, architecture, culture and in-depth history of this great city as well as further afield.

With a qualified Blue Badge guide and art historian you will have a fascinating and unforgettable experience visiting some of the best collections of art in the world, some of the most beautiful cathedrals, historic royal palaces, monuments, parks and much more.

Be you travelling alone, as a couple or with the family, why not get in touch and let us organise the cultural side of your holiday in London.