"I was searching for a suitably qualified tour guide to escort a small group around Westminster who were visiting from the US. Anna was the perfect choice and was extremely knowledgeable not just about the Abbey itself, but about all aspects of Parliament Square and the Houses of Parliament. Her extensive knowledge extended well beyond Westminster to cover all aspects of London. Her passion for the subject matter really brought the history to life. She was very engaging, flexible and open to questions throughout. On the one occasion when she did not know the answer to a question, she actually followed up with the answer on email the next day! I would not hesitate in recommending Anna as an expert tour guide."

Simon Kaye from Gartner.com

"I want to thank you for a lovely day of touring Westminster, the Tower of London, and St. Paul's. We want to tell you how much we learned from you and how much we enjoyed your company. Our conversations on various topics were so thought-provoking and insightful."


"I met up with the group yesterday and the staff members were most complimentary about you! They have been on tour to the UK 3 times before and said they enjoyed your tour the most. The boys also found you very engaging and one of the staff members said you sounded like you were straight off the BBC news!"

Living with the Lions